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Trader of the Day

Become one of the most successful traders today!

Today's trader of the Day is Armin [LV]! He traded quite a lot to achieve this level!

These other guys were close, but sadly didn't win :/. You can still drop them a comment for trading that much!

# Trader
1 Armin [LV]
2 ♚Prof. TrollDemo Ph.D[VтNr]
3 Wizard
5 Leyla
6 Endless Sky
7 Tor
8 Bloom
9 SaltyMcNuggers
10 :G

Tommy :31 month ago

Sup m8?

decontamin4t0R | stn.tf1 month ago

@76561198152636962 hi

RadioQueue2 months ago

Wherel is Derel the merel.

MiroBG3 months ago

i have done 19 trades

spyfly | stn.tf3 months ago

Oh god