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The Hundkopf
Starts at 33 keys, 15.33 refOut of Stock
The Dead Head
Buy for 20 keys, 46.77 ref1 in Stock
Combustible Cutie
Buy for 14 keys, 2.11 ref3 in Stock
The Head Prize
Buy for 3 keys, 36.11 ref2 in Stock
Dynamite Abs
Buy for 4 keys, 41.33 ref1 in Stock
Weight Room Warmer
Buy for 10.33 ref49 in Stock
Burly Beast
Buy for 21 keys, 45.22 ref1 in Stock
Bedouin Bandana
Buy for 4 keys, 63.44 ref3 in Stock
The Idiot Box
Starts at 50.77 refOut of Stock
Soldier's Stash
Buy for 2 keys, 65.88 ref3 in Stock
Non-Craftable Flip-Flops
Buy for 11 keys, 1.33 ref4 in Stock
Dead of Night
Buy for 36.22 ref4 in Stock
Hong Kong Cone
Buy for 11.11 ref45 in Stock
Chicago Overcoat
Buy for 19.77 ref8 in Stock
Jungle Jersey
Starts at 4 keys, 55.33 refOut of Stock
The Bruiser's Bandanna
Buy for 14.11 ref91 in Stock
Haunted Chicken Kiev
Buy for 24 keys, 32.77 ref1 in Stock
The Kringle Collection
Buy for 4.66 ref2 in Stock
Pyro Shark
Starts at 18.11 refOut of Stock
The Breakneck Baggies
Buy for 7.44 ref24 in Stock
The Patriot Peak
Starts at 14.22 refOut of Stock
Legendary Lid
Buy for 1 key, 14.44 ref6 in Stock
The All-Father
Buy for 16.55 ref22 in Stock
Buy for 7.22 ref8 in Stock
The Second Opinion
Buy for 8 keys, 30.66 ref1 in Stock
The Noh Mercy
Starts at 5.33 refOut of Stock
Heavy Tourism
Buy for 1 key, 27.33 ref1 in Stock
Wagga Wagga Wear
Starts at 62.77 refOut of Stock
The Lurking Legionnaire
Starts at 28.66 refOut of Stock
Hawk Warrior
Starts at 1 key, 10.22 refOut of Stock
The Sub Zero Suit
Buy for 16.44 ref18 in Stock
Non-Craftable Summer Hat
Starts at 26 keys, 38.22 refOut of Stock
Unforgiven Glory
Buy for 2 keys, 67.88 ref3 in Stock
Endothermic Exowear
Buy for 5.44 ref15 in Stock
Non-Craftable Soldier's Stash
Starts at 1 key, 66.77 refOut of Stock
Veteran's Attire
Starts at 1 key, 47 refOut of Stock
Mistaken Movember
Buy for 12 ref4 in Stock
The Triggerman's Tacticals
Buy for 5.11 ref25 in Stock
The Cuban Bristle Crisis
Starts at 13.88 refOut of Stock
Industrial Festivizer
Buy for 5.22 ref1 in Stock
The Cat's Pajamas
Starts at 3 keys, 40.55 refOut of Stock
Non-Craftable Spine-Chilling Skull
Buy for 6 keys, 10.33 ref1 in Stock
Ghastlierest Gibus
Buy for 66.88 ref4 in Stock
Starboard Crusader
Buy for 1 key, 34 ref2 in Stock
The Angel of Death
Buy for 5.22 ref13 in Stock
Down Under Duster
Starts at 32.44 refOut of Stock
A Brush with Death
Buy for 4.88 ref30 in Stock
Dad Duds
Starts at 1 key, 28.44 refOut of Stock
The Bearded Bombardier
Starts at 11 refOut of Stock
The Lone Survivor
Starts at 3 keys, 47 refOut of Stock
Tsar Platinum
Buy for 11.44 ref1 in Stock
The Snow Scoper
Buy for 4.22 ref10 in Stock
Buck Turner All-Stars
Starts at 37.55 refOut of Stock
Lucky Cat Hat
Buy for 4 keys, 21.88 ref5 in Stock
The Brotherhood of Arms
Buy for 5.66 ref100 in Stock
El Duderino
Starts at 3 keys, 59.33 refOut of Stock
Rifleman's Regalia
Starts at 1 key, 28.66 refOut of Stock
Coldfront Carapace
Buy for 2 keys, 3.33 ref2 in Stock
Head of the Dead
Buy for 3 keys, 62.55 ref3 in Stock
Buy for 13.55 ref1 in Stock