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Sell Weapons

Weapon Crusher

The Conscientious Objector
Buy for 4 ref64 in Stock
The AWPer Hand
Buy for 4.55 ref55 in Stock
The Freedom Staff
Buy for 0.22 ref49 in Stock
Wanga Prick
Buy for 0.44 ref45 in Stock
The Frying Pan
Buy for 2.11 ref36 in Stock
Unarmed Combat
Buy for 0.77 ref27 in Stock
The Bat Outta Hell
Buy for 0.22 ref26 in Stock
The Sharp Dresser
Buy for 3.77 ref25 in Stock
The Quäckenbirdt
Buy for 2.22 ref19 in Stock
Buy for 1 ref13 in Stock
The Snack Attack
Buy for 2 keys, 46.44 ref12 in Stock
Three-Rune Blade
Buy for 3.88 ref12 in Stock
Invis Watch
Buy for 1.33 ref11 in Stock
Festive Scattergun
Buy for 2 keys, 46.66 ref10 in Stock
The Crossing Guard
Buy for 8.88 ref10 in Stock
The Maul
Buy for 4.11 ref10 in Stock
Buy for 2.33 ref10 in Stock
Buy for 1.66 ref10 in Stock
Buy for 1.33 ref10 in Stock
Festive Shotgun
Buy for 29.77 ref9 in Stock
The Festive Axtinguisher
Buy for 23.33 ref9 in Stock
Festive Rocket Launcher
Buy for 1 key, 61.11 ref9 in Stock
The Festive Ubersaw
Buy for 33.22 ref9 in Stock
Stickybomb Launcher
Buy for 1.22 ref9 in Stock
Mutated Milk
Buy for 2 keys, 23.77 ref8 in Stock
Festive Frontier Justice
Buy for 37.33 ref8 in Stock
Festive Flame Thrower
Buy for 1 key, 18.66 ref8 in Stock
The Nostromo Napalmer
Buy for 3.88 ref8 in Stock
Festive Chargin' Targe
Buy for 18.44 ref8 in Stock
The Festive Sandvich
Buy for 1 key, 27.33 ref7 in Stock
Festive Gloves of Running Urgently
Buy for 47.33 ref7 in Stock
Festive Minigun
Buy for 1 key, 27 ref7 in Stock
Festive Black Box
Buy for 34 ref7 in Stock
Festive Wrench
Buy for 1 key, 24.77 ref7 in Stock
The Apoco-Fists
Buy for 3.11 ref7 in Stock
Festive Sniper Rifle
Buy for 2 keys, 9.33 ref6 in Stock
Festive Eyelander
Buy for 1 key, 37 ref6 in Stock
Festive Medi Gun
Buy for 1 key, 44.44 ref6 in Stock
The Festive Buff Banner
Buy for 19.11 ref6 in Stock
The Festive Holy Mackerel
Buy for 38 ref6 in Stock
Fire Axe
Buy for 1.66 ref6 in Stock
Non-Craftable Ap-Sap
Buy for 4 keys, 29.33 ref5 in Stock
Festive Wrangler
Buy for 54.33 ref5 in Stock
Festive Bonk! Atomic Punch
Buy for 13.88 ref5 in Stock
Buy for 1.55 ref5 in Stock
The Ham Shank
Buy for 0.44 ref4 in Stock
Buy for 3.55 ref4 in Stock
Rocket Launcher
Buy for 1.22 ref4 in Stock
The Giger Counter
Buy for 10 keys, 61 ref3 in Stock
The Festive Ambassador
Buy for 1 key, 22.88 ref3 in Stock
The Self-Aware Beauty Mark
Buy for 1 key, 11 ref3 in Stock
The Shooting Star
Buy for 4 keys, 0.88 ref3 in Stock
Festive Flare Gun
Buy for 50.77 ref3 in Stock
Festive Grenade Launcher
Buy for 32.22 ref3 in Stock
Festive Revolver
Buy for 29.44 ref3 in Stock
Medi Gun
Buy for 1.44 ref3 in Stock
Sniper Rifle
Buy for 0.77 ref3 in Stock
Buy for 1.22 ref3 in Stock
Buy for 1.66 ref3 in Stock
The Big Kill
Buy for 7 keys, 14.11 ref2 in Stock