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Community Rules

General Rules

  1. No NSFW or disturbing materials. This applies to any content you post including your Steam Avatar and Name.
  2. Don't use our site or any related services as a platform of promotion. You may post your own content as self-expression, but not as promotion. Services are our site, forums, Discord Chat, etc.
  3. No spamming. This includes posting the same thing multiple times, messages or trade requests.
  4. No begging. Do not ask other people for free items or any kind of donations.
  5. No personal information. Do not post any information belonging to other people, for example real names, addresses, pictures or phone numbers belonging to other persons.
  6. No trolling or harassment. Be nice to other people. Do not insult or use abusive language against anyone.
  7. Use common sense. Think about what you are going to post and if it will hurt others. If you feel like you will be punished for something, don't do it.

Trading Rules

  1. Don't use scripts or other tools to gain advantage over other traders. Everyone deserves equal chances, if we catch you doing so, you will be punished.
  2. Don't abuse bugs or exploits to gain more items than you should receive. If you find such problem, report it to one of our Administrators or to [email protected].
  3. Do not trade items with the goal of price manipulation. This includes constantly hitting the stock limits of certain items or buying too many of them.
  4. Item refunds are ONLY issued for trades done through our site. This means no user-mistakes are refunded, which happend through non-site trades.

Chat Rules (Only applies to our Discord Server)

  1. Posting links to non-competing trading sites is allowed in #trading chat.
  2. Do not excessively type in caps.
  3. Avoid writing in single messages. Try to keep it in a single message.
  4. No excessive use of memes or any other kind of character spam.
  5. Keep content in it's assigned channels, for example do not post memes in #lobby and do not write about how great STN is in #support.


  1. By using our site or any of our services you agree to these community rules and you confirm that you have read these rules.
  2. The Owner reserves the exclusive right to ban you for any reason and any amount of time. These decisions are final and should not be discussed about.
  3. You must listen to staff members and respect their decisions. They control your access to our service.
  4. You are free to appeal your ban at any time by contacting the owner using his email [email protected]. If you were banned due to an active SteamRep Tag, do the same after you got rid of it by appealing on SteamRep or the issuing partner community site.
  5. This website is powered by Steam, so we are relating to their Rules and Guidelines for User Generated Content.